1. Village Green Street Dance, Wellington Point (FREE COMMUNITY EVENT).

I am happy to announce that Covid restrictions have eased and we can now host the Community Street Dance at the Village Green, Main Road, Wellington Point on Saturday 06/03/21 from 6pm to 9pm. We still have to observe Covid restrictions such as 1 person per 2sq metres and sensitize our hands as well as other Covid Safe plan matters. The purpose built covered area with a portable dance floor and lights is a lovely area for all to enjoy. There are several seating areas as well as grass areas for a picnic. It is opposite Tanja’ s Café, 372-374 Main Rd, Wellington Point. Amos Dance Rhythms will play a wide range of music covering Latin, Rock&Roll, Swing, Ballroom plus more will keep everyone dancing. So join us for a dance under the stars.  

2.  Amos Social Dance at Redlands Sporting Club, Wellington Point (FREE COMMUNITY EVENT) 

We will be hosting our monthly Social Dance on Sunday 28/03/21 from 6.30 pm to 9.30pm at the main lounge of Redlands Sporting Club.  The Club has a wonderful ambiance and offers meals and drinks in several bars, restaurants and cafes.   DJ Amos will play a great range of dance music to suit many styles of dancing including Latin, Swing, Rock and Ballroom.  So come over and enjoy an evening of fun and social dancing.  FREE ENTRY.  Inquiries to Amos on 0413 371 625.