1.  Amos Social Dance at Redlands Sporting Club, Wellington Point (FREE COMMUNITY EVENT) 

We will be hosting our monthly Social Dance on Sunday 26/09/21 from 7 pm to 9.30pm at the main lounge of Redlands Sporting Club.  The Club has a wonderful ambiance and offers meals and drinks in several bars, restaurants and cafes.   DJ Amos will play a great range of dance music to suit many styles of dancing including Latin, Swing, Rock and Ballroom.  So come over and enjoy an evening of fun and social dancing.  FREE ENTRY.  Inquiries to Amos on 0413 371 625.

2. Observation Car Rally – 12/9/21

We are hosting an observation Car Rally on 12/9/21. Its a fun rally which tests your observation skills along a scenic drive. Its not a race and traffic rules to be observed at all times. At the end we meet for lunch/coffee and give prizes to the winners of the rally.

Start Point : Car park at corner of Middle St, Wynyard St and Shore St. Opposite Coles.

Date and Time : Sunday 12/9/21 – 9am

Cost : $15

Proceeds to be donated to the RSPCA. For inquiries call 0413371625.